Ab Lounger

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Ab Lounger review


Abs Lounger

Ab Lounger (also known as Ab Lounge) is a new abdominal exerciser that tones and tightens upper and lower abdominals and obliques. This wonderful ab machine works your abdominal muscles much more effectively than simple sit-ups or crunches.


Unlike crunches, it supports your body, especially your back, neck and head, throughout the exercise. And because you are up off the floor, you have better range of motion, which is the complete opposite of doing crunches on the ground. You have good variety of ab workouts. Ab Lounger also strengthens back muscles and stretches your back. You can also use it to give yourself a good body stretch whenever you are feeling tense or sore.

It’s really fun and easy to use the machine. You don’t feel like you are working out at all. You can use it every day and you’ll see results in two weeks.

The Ab Lounge is one of the premier abdominal exercisers on the market today. Its crunching motion targets both the upper and lower abs, as well as works out your back, legs and shoulders. A simple rule of ab machines is that the bigger the crunch the ab machine provides, the larger the workout that your abs feel. The Ab Lounge does offer a full range of motion, which makes it one of the most effective ab machines available.

You may have heard the term “core” when it comes to your body comprar cialis. The Ab Lounge focuses on your core muscles, which includes your abdominals. Your movement, posture and overall health are dependant on having strong, healthy core muscles. The stronger your core is, the greater your overall strength is. The Ab Lounge is designed to help users of all fitness levels improve their core strength and abdominals too.

Even though the Ab Lounge features the simple jackknife motion that is synonymous with ab crunching exercises, you can perform a variety of workouts on the Ab Lounge which target the whole body. It’s as simple as lying down on one side of the body or another, or extending your arms as you work out. With the Ab Lounge, you can easily enjoy the benefits of a total body workout in one simple, easy to assemble and use machine.

The Ab Lounge is a great machine for anyone of any fitness level to use. The Ab Lounge is great for beginners who are looking to start an exercise program and it’s excellent for advanced users who are seeking to augment their training regimen. Most people, when they begin researching which abdominal machine is best for them, either start with the Ab Lounge or inevitably end up with the Ab Lounge, which is why it is such a popular ab workout machine.

With the Ab Lounge you don’t have to bother with annoying floor crunches or risk hurting your neck or back. No more boring floor crunches!

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One of happy customers says: “I have always had trouble doing crunches or sit-ups because it always hurt my back to lie on the floor but those days are over with Ab Lounge.”

When you’re at home and don’t feel like going to the gym – use Ab Lounger. Put on some music and the time will fly by. You can exercise while you are watching your favorite TV shows. It will keep you from being a couch potato. It’s a great way to make the commercial time go by.

You can buy Ab Lounger online. The item is very easy to assemble. All pieces are numbered and the tools required for assembly are enclosed in the box. Total assembly time is less then twenty minutes.

Ab Lounger is a really great piece of equipment to add to one’s home gym. I would recommend it for anyone who hates doing floor crunches and wants to exercise their abs comfortably and effectively. Thanks FitnessQuest for making such an easy to use product.

The Ab Lounger Family Reviews

The Ab Roller is a simple abdominal workout machine that gives you the same gym quality ab crunching workout in a small, simple and compact design. The Ab Roller lets the user “rock” their way to slimmer abs with a simple rocking motion. And although getting an effective workout is important, so is being safe and comfortable.

The Ab Slim Pro is a great machine which takes a simple exercise – the sit-up – and turns it into an effective ab crunching workout. With the Ab Slim Pro, you’ll be able to see – and feel the results you want immediately.

Ab Chair Deluxe. The Ab Chair Deluxe has the classic ab crunching design (and looks like Ab Lounge) where you sit in the chair and crunch your abs together by pulling your body forward while sitting on the chair. With the Ab Chair Deluxe, you get the fullest range of motion possible – meaning that you get to determine the intensity of your ab workout.

Ab Lounge Sport. What makes the Ab Lounge Sport very effective is that is targets and tones both the upper abs and the lower abs. As well, the Ab Lounge Sport tightens and tones your oblique muscles too. As a result, you’ll get a total body workout in one compact machine at a fraction of the cost versus other abdominal machines or versus purchasing an expensive membership and joining a gym.

Red Ab Chair. A simple and effective abdominal workout machine, the Red Ab Chair is the epitome of the standard ab crunching exercise: sit in the Red Ab Chair and crunch your abs together by leaning forward in the chair. For those looking for a simple ab crunching workout, the Red Ab Chair is definitely a good selection.

The Ab Lounge Ultra resides on the higher end of the quality spectrum when it comes to abdominal machines. With one of the fullest ranges of motion on the market today, the Ab Lounge Ultra claims to stimulate and promote more muscle activity and exercise than most ab machines. Because of this, the Ab Lounge Ultra can also claim to deliver better, more visible results faster versus other kinds of abdominal exercisers. Read more

Arm Workout

February 18, 2010 · Posted in Exercise Routines · 1 Comment 

Small Changes that Lead to Bigger Arms

Best Arm Workouts

1. Pinch to Grow an Inch

To strengthen your grip, try this plate pinch from Strongman competitor C.J. Murphy: Place a pair of 5- or 10-pound plates together, smooth sides out. Pinch the plates between your thumbs and forefingers. Try holding the weights for 30 seconds. Add plates as you gain strength. And watch your toes.

2. Change Grips

It can help you do more reps. Try a set of barbell curls with a narrow grip. When you begin to fail, slide your hands out farther. “You’ll get more out of your biceps,” says celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, C.S.C.S.

3. Do Chinups at a Dip Station

Using the parallel bars of a dip station simulates a chinup without lifting all your body weight. Besides your back muscles, you also strengthen your forearms. Grab the bars from underneath and place your feet on the floor. Keeping your body straight, pull yourself up, pause, then lower yourself.

4. Use a Mirror

“It promotes better technique and helps prevent injury,” says Chris Jordan, C.S.C.S., of LGE Performance Systems in Orlando.

5. Add Extra Tension to Any Move

At the end of your arm workout, wrap one end of a resistance band around the handle of a dumbbell and place the other end under your foot. Now do a set of biceps curls and overhead triceps extensions to fatigue your arms, says Tim Kuebler, C.S.C.S.

6. Pick Up Drop Sets

Doing five reps or fewer per set with a weight you can lift only five times trains your muscles to grow bigger and stronger, says Mark Peterson, an exercise and sport scientist at Arizona State University. Do three to five sets without rest, reducing the weight by 10 percent to 25 percent each set. Read more

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