4 Body Strength Equipment You Need To Have In Your Gym

4 Body Strength Equipment You Need To Have In Your Gym

If you are using strength training as part of your fitness program you will know that one of its many benefits is the limited amount of equipment needed  to perform many of the exercises.  Some body strength training does not require any fancy or expensive weight lifting or gym style machines. If your on a tight budget it is simple to improvise even furniture in your home to do the exercises. However, it is worthwhile to invest in at least one piece of equipment to get the most out of your exercise routine.

The following are 4 exercise equipment you can use:

Inflatable exercise ball (Swiss Ball)

This is a great invention. Its cheap, light and when deflated takes up very little space. However, the great thing about the medicine ball is the many different exercise routines you can do on it. One of the best ways to use it is to strengthen your balance. When fully inflated it provides a moving surface that you need to steady and control. Controlling these movements target you’re stabilizing muscles to make you remain still. There are different sizes of the exercise ball to suit different heights.


These are a great alternative to weights. They are soft without any hard edges which mean they lessen the risk of injury and they can be thrown about without the risk of causing structural damage. They also have loop handles making them easy to grip and carry.

The Medicine ball

This is a classic piece of kit that has been around for a long time. They are now a common sight to be found in most gyms and boxing clubs. They usually have suede leather exterior and are about the size of a football. You can do many exercise routines with the medicine ball to develop your strength.

Resistance Bands

These have become very popular due to their light weight, low cost and their effectiveness in developing body strength and muscle toning. The resistance bands consist of tubular bands that are attached to two handles of either side. By pulling the bands apart you create a resistance which develops your muscles. The resistance comes in different levels depending on your strength. They are very versatile because you can also attach them to secure door handles or other secure supports. This enables you to do a variety of resistance exercises that target the upper and lower body. If you’re on a budget you can make resistance bands by using the inner tubes of bicycle tyres.

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