muscle fat

muscle burn fat

Muscle Fat

August 22, 2009 · Posted in Build Muscle, Six Pack Abs 

How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

muscle burn fat

muscle burn fat

Knowing how to build muscle and lose fat makes any persons quest to carve out an impressive body much easier. Far to many people take the wrong route to body building, and end up putting on more fat than muscle, simply because they’ve used the wrong techniques and haven’t managed to lose fat during weight gain.

Losing fat while gaining weight seems like a bit of a contradiction in terms, but in fact it is possible, and it’s by far the quickest and most effective way to a ripped, muscular body. To make it possible though, it’s essential to follow a few steps.

1: Consume the RIGHT Calories

It’s essential during muscle gain to consume more calories than you burn, because that’s the fundamental part of weight gain. However, to really build muscle and lose fat, it has to be the right kinds of foods, that way you can put on pure muscle without the added fat. Protein is the key ingredient to this kind of success, but there are many elements to a successful muscle building diet.

2: Work Smart, NOT hard

To build muscle and lose fat, it requires you to work smarter, as opposed to harder. It’s not like there’s no work involve, but It’s definitely a case of doing the right things, as opposed to doing more things. There are very specific workouts that can contribute to muscle gain and simultaneous fat loss, but they’re not widely known. If you can find this kind of information, you’re halfway to success.

3: Keep things at high intensity

When learning how to build muscle and lose fat, one of the most important things you’ll find is to keep your workouts at a high intensity. I would seriously recommend adding some weight to your excesses, but lowering the reps. You need to be challenging your muscles every time you work out, never let them get used to a weight or an exercise. If you really do want to learn how to build muscle and lose fat, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a successful program, which covers everything from diets to workouts.

Is It Possible Build Muscle And Lose Fat Simultaneously?

When a personal trainer first asks a new gym attendee what their goals are, they most often hear replies such as: “Build muscle lose fat”, “build muscle then lose”, “burn fat build muscle”, “build muscle and burn fat”. So, it would seem to be that nearly all people would prefer to get bigger muscle s and also simultaneously reduce their percentage body fat. In this article I ask is it possible to do this or is it just a myth sold to you by marketing gurus and slick advertisements?

Is it really possible to increase muscle mass and lose fat simultaneously?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ although it is only possible with a good deal of discipline, calorie counting and with a fair amount of difficulty! To build muscle you need to take on excess calories than you work off throughout each leaving enough left to build muscle but not so much that they get stored as fat. If you don’t consume excess calories then you you won’t build muscle for sure, with too many extra calories then you may grow some muscle but you will of course add body fat tissue at the same time. The secret is to consume sufficient calories to build muscle mass but not enough so that fat is built. There are

If you wish to avoid adding fat at the same time as building muscle then you really have to work out your exact calorie requirements and then stick to them. to work out your calorie requirements then use the following simple equation that provides an approximate answer:

Find out your body weight and you percentage body fat e.g. 200 pounds with 10% body fat.

Workout your body’s lean mass.g. 200 pounds taking off the 10% body fat leaves 190.

Take your lean body mass and multiply it by 19 e.g. 190 multiplied by 19 equals = 3610

This is then the amount of calories you approximately need to eat to gain muscle mass provided you are doing effective workouts too. However this is just a rough figure but if you consumed 500-1000 more you would maximise your muscle growth but probably pile on some body fat too. this number of course is only an approximate figure and it would be difficult to track the number of calories you consume in a day anyway.

So assuming that you aer unwilling to try the above tricky methods what are the alternatives to build muscle and lose fat fast. Well the two step option is the most highly recommended and it is what most bodybuilders do. First thing you need to do is build muscle then lose weight. You will hear this also called a bulking phase followed by a cutting phase. This is much easier as in the first phase you simply need to eat a lot and often. All you have to do is make sure you are eating more than the figure above. This bulking phase which should last 3-6 months will see you put on a few kilos in body fat but mainly you will gain muscle mass. This is when you start to consume much fewer calories and also ramp up the cardio-vascular training sessions so that you work off more calories per day than you intake.

This will lead to loss of body fat and over the course of a few months you can maintain the muscle mass and just lose the body fat. So in actuality looking at the results a year later you will have indee have built muscle and burnt fat but you will have achieved this by going through two stages. The final outcome is exactly the same however you will have made your way there a good deal easier by using two distinct steps.

Therefore if your goal is indeed to build muscle and burn fat then I suggest that try to do so in two stages, build muscle then lose fat.

Taking Action To Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Building muscle and losing fat is 80% behavior and only 20% know-how.

So by taking the steps of accepting responsibility, identifying specifically what you want to achieve, and choosing to make the commitment to go after it, our natural progression of movement leads us to the point of taking action to achieve your dreams.

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